Q. Will I lose control of my documents, paper records or media tapes in your data store?
A. To help you maintain control of your records, we will update you regularly on the status of your inventory. Management or inventory reports are available to you free of charge, and you may choose the level of detail you require - box, file, tape, etc. – or if you prefer, you can access a live updated inventory through our secure website.

The Hansen Difference

Some features/services offered by Hansen Records Management include:


Free Initial Transfer - Hansen Records Management will transfer all containers from your present storage facility to our records storage facility free of charge.


Free Barcode Labels and Forms - All container barcode labels, transmittal forms, facsimile order forms, and client authorization forms will be provided free of charge.


Trial Period - Upon execution of the “Storage & Service Agreement,” we will provide you with a 90-day trial period. If you are not completely satisfied with the level of service we’ve provided, simply submit a written explanation to us of your dissatisfaction, and if it is determined that we are at fault, we will relocate all of your storage containers that are in our facility to a destination of your choice within a 30-mile radius of downtown Milwaukee free of charge.


Computerized Barcoding & Tracking - Hansen Records Management uses RS-SQL records management software, the most advanced barcode tracking/inventory technology software available, to manage your inventory.